Watching the showers go through...

...and nursing a sore knee – twisted something on a running route that went through rough ground in an apple orchard – I'm reflecting on what I am doing here.

A preacher without a pulpit, a shepherd without a flock, a church renewal strategist in a place that just wants to maintain, manage decline and keep on doing what we keep on doing.

And I'm thinking, "Keep the same old ways and you'll keep seeing the same old results".

Where are the potential pioneers? The ones who have a little bit of a vision for doing something different, reaching new people, exploring different ways of gathering. And not just sitting in pew lines while someone reads out of a book!

When everything's removed – at the moment off driving and walking's restricted – it brings you back to focus on the one or two things left. From those few acorns, new oak trees will grow. That's what I sense I am hearing today.