Explaining the piste map

Obergurgl piste map

Obergurgl, Tyrol, Austria piste map showing blue runs (beginner), red runs (intermediate) and black runs (expert).


You may have noticed some changes to the way I am presenting posts. Let me explain what I am experimenting with. I am using skiing as a way of depicting three different routes. If you are not a skier, chances are that someone among your family of friends will have come back full of talk about tackling the black run on the last day. Blue runs (sometimes green) runs are the entry-level ones, red runs require more confidence and technique and black runs are the really testing ones. I’m sticking to blue, red and black, as in Austria, and you’ll know where you fit with that as a beginning Christian or a more well-travelled one.

Jesus didn’t say a lot about skiing and the walk – “walk as Jesus did" – is more of an expression used by the apostle John. Both of these are good metaphors for life and its levels of challenge. All skiers fall, get up and carry on, and the talk is of confidence – and fear. A pilot friend of mine, who had little difficulty putting a 757 down in poor visibility on a small runway surrounded by mountains, turned out to be a nervous ski companion when he got off the top of a ski-lift and looked down!

We all remember the first time on skis and we all look clumsy to the 'indigeni' who grew up zapping around on the snow, but we’re on a pathway of growth. Which brings us back to the Christian walk.

Three ways

The idea is that I take a topic or question and develop it with reference to what the Bible says, in three ways which are complementary:
1. Exploring, the Blue Run approach;
2. Encouraging, the Red Run which builds on what you know; and
3. Extending, the Black Run, stretching us to teach or encourage others, having 'got it' that we are disciples who are making disciples of Jesus.
Exploring – Blue Run
Encouraging – Red Run
Extending – Black Run
I won’t make a threesome out of every post, every time, for obvious reasons but will aim to offer a variety of levels and approaches while maintaining the general thread of discussion.

From time to time these will link with sermons which will have their own summaries and discussion starters to add to the mix.

Other links
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