A new way to compile my notes

I'm always on the lookout for better ways to simplify two little difficulties:

  • Clear, readable speaker's notes on any device (probably iPad or iPhone) for giving talks or leading a group discussion

  • Recording the ideas or 'windows' that come together as a message or an article.

This original Caspar Ghost theme enables me to do that. I can add to my content anywhere, I can access my content anywhere, it all reads well in big enough type and I can share my thoughts beforehand.

How good is that.

So Ghost can become a kind of notebook –≠ for all kinds of content.


There are other ways. Not everywhere has internet access or even a mobile signal, here in the country.

  • Evernote is a reliable go-to. It works on every platform. It works in general. The only drawback is there's not much scope for adjusting the text size on the iOS apps – small, medium, large – and large is just about readable on a lectern. Evernote works well offline, which is important. There's a reliable way to copy a link to a note, and to send someone else a link to a note.

  • Apple Notes is surprisingly versatile these days, quick and easy, although I have the same niggle about comfortable reading size.

  • Keep It! is a mature app (developed from the earlier Together that I used as a repository for a number of years). It handles text and media in a versatile way. Cross platform.

  • Dropbox Paper is a very good sharing application for drafts that go to others -- easy to access without needing a Dropbox account. Not so good for speaker's notes – yet.

And latest contender for the line-up is my favourite journalling app, Day One which is just emerging into a revamped version 3. It is Markdown-based and renders well on Mac and iOS – can do rich text, bullets and so on for outlines. Great for getting thoughts down, for recording what I've done – and now for back up notes, especially when I need to have a lengthy 'composite' of the complicated paper notes I carry for Celebrations of Life at the Crematorium. There will be different tributes and readings done with the family, the names of the main family and friends, a Bible reading and reflection and then the framework of hymns and prayers and commendation. As an alternative to a pdf loaded into GoodReader, it can all sit together in Day One and/or Keep It. Both of these support x-callback-url and I can put the link in Things and know where everything is.

  • Meanwhile Drafts which is the fastest and most versatile quick content app for iPad and iPhone is about to gain a Mac OS app this autumn. It is reputed to be built on the same lines, with very rapid start-up and a wide variety of ways to export and do workflows with other apps. Watch this space!